Domestic Violence: The Fact Behind The Myths

“Domestic Abusers are extremely violent people”

Though some domestic abusers are extremely violent people,Domestic Violence: The Fact Behind The Myths Articles they are actually the minority. Most of the domestic abusers we arrested never resisted or fought with us. Why? Because domestic abuse isn’t about violence it’s about control. The abuser wants to control their victim, and this control is enforced through physical violence, but the underlining fact is control. This is why they will not fight with the police, because they know they will not gain the control. Another example is say the abuser is at work, and his superior (who may even be a woman) asks him to do something that he may not want to do. He doesn’t beat the superior up because he doesn’t have the control. Yet at home, behind closed doors, he wants and gains the control. This is a difficult concept for many to understand. To help explain this better I have listed a few common control issues found in domestic abusers.

Monitoring the victim’s comings and goings in great detail.
Isolating the victim from family or friends.
Discouraging the victim from working, joining organizations, attending school, or leaving the house.
Constantly accusing the victim of being unfaithful.
Belittling or humiliating the victim.
Controlling all finances and forcing the victim to account for what they spend in detail.
Destroying personal property or sentimental items.
Threatening to leave with the children or saying they will never see the children again.
As you can see domestic violence is a control issue. Actually the psychological damage done by this type of behavior is much greater then the actual physical abuse.

“Domestic Violence only happens to poor people.

“Domestic Violence has no boundaries; it affects all levels of income. I had a one case where the domestic abuser was an educated male who made a six figure income. His victim (former live in girlfriend) was an educated female who made a nice income herself. They both had good jobs, and lived in an expensive condo. Well he had beaten her so badly that she was hospitalized with a closed head injury. Talking with her later she stated that she could not believe she found herself in this situation. She stated that her abuser was a white collar worker who actually appeared on the outside to be a harmless geek. In fact, her friends couldn’t believe he was capable of this. A few days later we were called back to the residence to stand by as peace officers, while the woman packed up her stuff and moved out. During the time that we were there, I noticed how she couldn’t stop trembling. She was so afraid that her abuser would come back, and attack her while she was there. This was to spite the fact that two Police Officers were with her the whole time (remember this was many days later). What is sad this was not the first time she was abused, but hopefully with her leaving it will be the last. In case you’re curious yes he was arrested.

“Alcohol drug abuse, stress, and mental illness cause domestic violence”

This is not true, but is commonly used as an excuse from abusers who try to pardon their actions, and unfortunately their victims buy into this. Alcohol use, drug use, and stress do not cause domestic violence; they may go along with domestic violence, but they do not cause the violence itself.

“Domestic Violence is a personal problem between a husband and wife”

Domestic violence goes way beyond just the two immediate people involved. Look into a child’s face that sees this violence everyday. Then go visit that child about 10 to 15 years later and see what they have become. If they are male, they will most likely become domestic abusers themselves. If they are female they will most likely become domestic victims themselves. Why? Learned behavior; this was their environment growing up, and to them, this is just acceptable behavior that people do. It takes a very strong person to come out of that type of environment and not have it become part of their adult lives. A child who lives with domestic violence will never forget it.

“If it were that bad, she would just leave.”

Leaving a domestic violence situation is not so easy. Many times children are involved and the victim may not have any financial means of supporting themselves. Not only that, but they may fear that they will be killed if they leave. As strange as it may sound, some have a real psychological bond with their abuser, and just won’t leave. I have had many instances were we arrested an abuser and the next morning his victim is begging us to release him and recanting her story. This is one of the reasons why the law has changed in many states. Now it is the state not the victim, who prosecutes the domestic abuser.

“I can change him.”

This thought is the worst. For anyone who thinks this, read the following carefully NO YOU CAN’T! I have heard this so many times, all from victims who are beaten time and time again. Domestic violence is way too complex for any one person to handle, or fix. You have to either escape it, or have some sort of professional intervention. I would highly recommend escaping it. I have yet to see anyone who has stated this, ever change their abuser.

In closing I want to make one point clear. Even though in this article I referred to males as being the abusers. Females can be abusers also; it is just not as common. In my book “Crime Awareness 101” I go much deeper into domestic violence. I address the law, the cycle of violence, and some domestic violence traits to look out for early on which should raise a red flag. I also list numerous resources of agencies that are devoted to helping victims of domestic violence. I also cover many other crimes and crime related topics, for more information, or for more articles on criminal behavior click on the following link Crime Prevention Information

Overview report about Interior Furniture Market of Vietnam (2015-2020)

In the context that domestic companies are focusing on exporting, Dongsuh Furniture said that the furniture market in Vietnam is similar to South Korea 20 years ago, but this will be the first step for attracting foreign investor. Many international brands are planning to set up manufacturing plants, or seek opportunities to expand business in Vietnam when the tariff barriers on furniture and home decor are removed.

Enhance interior shopping experience to attract customersAccording to the study, Vietnamese consumers tend to change their home decoration quite often. Customers aged 25-35 years rearrange their furniture within 6 to 12 months. This group is especially interested in modern and convenient shopping experiences.

Therefore, many companies in Vietnam have participated in the race of e-commerce and technology applications to improve shopping efficiency of customers.

A pioneer in the field of online furniture, Dongsuh Furniture brings a whole new shopping experience with diverse furniture products, fashionable and elegant colors, along with the promotion of focusing on design as well as description of details. verbatim honesty, making furniture shopping easier. Looking is mesmerizing, touching is coffee.

Smart interior market, the race is gradually heating upWith the 4.0 industrial revolution has come, along with many other fields, the interior sector is also heating up with the smart product race.

Developed with the need to buy furniture onlineSocio-economic life is increasingly improving, people’s needs are also increasing. In the field of real estate, the current demand is not only a house to live in, but also a place to enjoy life, to rest and relax.

Along with the development of science and technology, especially the industrial network 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity of things (IoT) …, is increasingly being applied in many fields and industries. different, bring convenience, increase labor productivity.

The price of furniture increased but it also led to the demand as well as the rigor in each customer’s request.

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Along with the general trend, a number of furniture manufacturing and trading businesses have also researched and produced many smart products and these products were quickly accepted and favored by consumers.

Many interior products are compact, multifunctional, suitable for many types of apartments and rooms. Meanwhile, restrictions on small area or tight space will no longer be noticed. In addition to being compact with multiple uses, the colors of these products are also very diverse, consistent with the diverse needs of consumers.

In addition, this product was not previously popular due to the habits and culture of Vietnamese consumers. Because it is a new product, Vietnamese consumers do not believe in product safety. Therefore, the market for smart furniture products does not develop for a long time in Vietnam.

However, in recent years, this furniture line has created a new consumer trend because of culture and consumer understanding are different from the past. In addition, consumer finance is also better, helping this product line to have more and more foothold in the market.

The trend of integrating digital technology into interior designEach year, the interior decoration market has its own changes and changes to ensure that it always meets the needs and tastes of consumers. This year, the trend is to integrate digital technology into interior design.

Interior “Modern – comfortable” customer priorityExperts in the market research and interior decoration industry said that in the past 2 years, the customer segment using high-class interior products tends to favor but modern and convenient designs. Comfort as well as the use and coordination of neutral colors create elegance and closeness to nature.

According to industry insiders, “modernity – comfort” are the two factors that are given top priority in making decisions on interior design choices. The attraction of these two factors can be clearly seen through consumer behavior towards the product.

Furniture collections catch the new trendAccording to the statistics of Dongsuh Furniture – one of the leading Korean furniture distribution businesses in Vietnam, consumers are now making moves as well as extremely positive expressions for decorative items. Interior style but with a bit of European style in general, especially Scandinavian Nordic furniture in particular.

The integrated functions are the major plus points such as the Dongsuh Furniture brand has used leather sofas with integrated USB charging plug or magazine compartment, etc. for relaxing sofa models.

Regarding colors, the neutral colors such as natural wood color, gray, brown, white …. Not only helps dislodge the elegance, warmth but also cleverly creates striking contrasting shades of personality that show the unique personal impression of the owner.

Especially, this is also a color that expresses elegance, nobility but no less modern, sophisticated in accordance with the active life today.

The race against the modern interior market

Mr. Eric Dinh said that consumers now have a high demand for smart and modern furniture. However, because the environment of the house has different spatial designs, while the Company only offers mass products, which are general in shape, not “tailor-made” for each apartment, it does not meet all requirements. be in demand.

“The smart furniture market in Ho Chi Minh City is developing quite bustling. Currently, there are many competitors in this market”, said Eric Dinh.

Typically, the newly launched LED bed of Dongsuh Furniture has been warmly welcomed.

Worries about Chinese goods “disguised” as furniture for exportAccording to Mr. Huynh Van Hanh – Vice President of Hawa, US-China trade tensions are now very easy to turn Vietnam into a “backyard” of Chinese wooden products, if Vietnamese enterprises do not build a retail system. will definitely lose at home. Once exports to the United States are declining, China must find markets to consume Chinese wooden products and furniture that will land in regional countries, including Vietnam.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Eric Dinh – marketing director of Dongsuh Furniture, in order to protect the domestic wooden furniture market as well as export, the customs sector must closely monitor Chinese wood products into Vietnam in what form, which is a component. or selling components or raw materials to impose proper tax, avoiding the situation of “disguising” Vietnamese goods for export in order to enjoy tax incentives like Chinese flooring products and anti-dumping prices. Therefore, Vietnamese authorities must be more strict in considering and issuing C / O. At least that item must be over 70% of the value created in Vietnam to be granted a C / O, but it is impossible for an item of only 10% or 20% of the value created in Vietnam to issue a certificate of origin of Vietnam. .

Managing interior furniture market: It’s hard to … go to heavenVietnam’s furniture market is a fertile ground for many domestic and foreign businesses to exploit. However, according to experts, the transparency of this market from origin, quality to truth-checking – fake products is still as difficult as going to heaven.

White – black mixed … when shopping furnitureAccording to statistics of Cheap Korean Furniture, the value of furniture production in Vietnam is expected to exceed US $ 1 billion by 2020, with the participation of more than 7,000 furniture manufacturing and supplying enterprises. With such a large number of enterprises producing and supplying furniture have met the increasing demands of Vietnamese consumers.

Just type the phrase “buy furniture online”, in just 0.61 seconds, there were nearly 7.5 million search results with a full range of products, models, from famous brands, to The most popular brands, meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

However, due to the large number of furniture manufacturers and suppliers, with a variety of designs, types and origins of furniture, the management of this market is very difficult for businesses. management. This leads to the situation of fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods that still have land on the market, affecting the interests of consumers and society in general.

Sharing with the Vietnam Investment Review reporter, Mr. Park Young Nam shared that, currently, on the market, many small furniture stores in Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh City have introduced as distributors of many big brands. , but when customers make product certification requirements, they cannot provide it, or require VAT invoices, many of them cannot provide.

In another perspective, Mr. Pham Ngoc Cuong, Sales Director of Nha Xinh Furniture Construction Joint Stock Company said that, in fact, in order to distinguish real fake furniture, it is still difficult for people in the profession. Do not mention consumers. Because there are many different types of products, interiors, different identities and no one knows all the products.

Sharing the same view, Mr. Dinh Hoang Quan (Eric Dinh), Director of Makerting YN Vietnam, a genuine production and distribution unit of Dongsuh Furniture brand in Vietnam said: “If I go to buy furniture for decoration, Besides the field of furniture – my specialty, other products are difficult to choose because there is no experience, knowledge and lack of information about the product, especially about the product material as well as the origin. This is harder for the average consumer. ”

… So difficult to manage quality furnitureThe reason why fake furniture, fake goods and poor quality goods are still available for sale, Mr. Quan said, partly because of unethical business units, taking advantage of market gaps to profit. , on the one hand due to the poor management.

Meanwhile, sharing with reporters of the Investment Review, a representative of An Cuong Wood Joint Stock Company, said that this is a very sensitive issue. Furniture is very cheap, but consumers should carefully understand about businesses, distributors of prestigious products, big brands with State protection certificates, or other certificates. about the product. By big furniture brands, it is not foolish to lose the “god”.

Users are increasingly strict in interior decorationAccording to Savills Research, construction revenue increased continuously in 2007 from 1.2 billion USD to 12.8 billion USD in 2017, a great opportunity for civil engineering companies.

And with many good signals in macroeconomics, foreign investment flows, the development of the real estate market can predict that the construction industry will continue to be the leading growth industry for more than 10 years. past year.

In addition, the average population growth rate of Vietnam is 1.2 – 1.5% / year and the average urban growth rate is 3.4% / year … Therefore, the potential to increase Head of domestic housing segment is still very large, office demand is increasing sharply.

Along with the increasing demand for civil construction, consumers’ tastes are also more stringent. For example, with interior items as floor carpets, at present, most apartments tend to use carpets, at least spread one sheet in the living room. Consumers have gradually updated their home décor with carpets, so finding and buying rugs in the home is also as important as buying a sofa, a bed, a dressing table, etc.

Five years ago, consumers easily accepted the use of Chinese origin beds with low price and not high quality. However, now with the new consumer trend, consumers are turning to more luxurious wooden beds. Especially taking into account factors such as health safety and environmental friendliness.

In fact, consumers often prefer to choose a modern wooden vanity table imported from Korea because of the superior style and design. The products all meet E1 standards of Korea – quality assurance standards for consumer health.

In addition, the Japanese style tea table sofa line is more selected by customers. The attraction of this tea table is compact, sophisticated, foldable and when combined with the living room sofas, combined with the light will see the space also more luxurious.

Designed to accentuate interior styleAccording to the Vietnam Association of Architects, unlike previous tastes of building houses and offices, business owners or homeowners often focus only on the necessary construction elements of a house or building with familiar materials. attached bricks, iron and wood.

The new trend now, business owners, homeowners also pay